Your safety put firstProcedures & protocols

We follow all procedures and protocols with regards to food safety, preparation, and presentation as set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Emergency lighting is provided as we have a back-up generator, so if the national grid goes off, the generator kicks in and operates the camp at 100% capacity. The generators are serviced every 3 months, over and above a major annual service. There are lights along all paths, as well as torches in every room. Rangers and guards will also be readily available in the event of fire.

There is a fire assembly point for guests and staff as well as a well-documented fire procedure. Fire extinguishers are present in every room and are serviced and certified every 9 months. Equipment checks are conducted every week and are supported by signed inspection sheets.

Within the camp, we have three back-up fire carts and a back-up pump which can be used to pump water from our dam or directly from the river.

All our rangers have at least level 1 first aid training, and are also trained in basic fire awareness and basic fire fighting.

Fire extinguishers are carried in all vehicles.