Thrillinggame drives

Captivating experience in the heart of the wild

Embarking on a game drive at Tomo within the Greater Kruger is nothing short of exhilaration. As the sun paints the horizon with hues of gold, the anticipation swells. The rugged terrain conceals nature’s best-kept secrets, and with every turn, anticipation surges.

In the company of expert guides, you traverse the wilderness, your heart racing as you encounter the untamed residents of this vast realm.

The spine-tingling roar of lions reverberates through the open vehicle, while elephants parade gracefully by, their colossal presence awe-inspiring. This adventure, where the boundary between you and the wild blurs, is nothing short of electrifying, etching indelible memories of the wild’s unfiltered beauty and power into your soul.

Game drives in the Greater Kruger

Game drive times


Before departing, you are welcome to make tea or coffee at our breakfast station and enjoy a quick biscuit. During your game drive, you will stop for tea, hot chocolate, coffee, biscuits, and rusks before returning to the lodge for a full breakfast, prepared by our chef.


During your game drive, you will stop for sundowners and a light snack before returning to the lodge for dinner, prepared by our chef. 2 game drives per day are included in the rates.

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Lions on Game Drive
Lion Cubs on Game Drive in Kruger
Elephants of the Kruger
Birdlife in the Kruger
Lion at waterhole in the Kruger Park
Warthog in the Kruger
Elephant Herd in the Greater Kruger
Greater Kruger Lions
Scenery of the Greater Kruger