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31 January 2024

The African Dream

Nothing beats a summers evening under the African sky, painted with a million lights. A stark yet impressive reminder of how small we are, yet so valuable I the chain of education.

Africa is the birthplace for imagination, conservation, and dreams.

Be a part of this dream at Tomo Safari Lodge.

20 November 2023

The Tomo Mile

The most humbling feeling a guide can ever have is watching your guest’s facial expression the first time they see a lion come strolling down the road.

I always have to remind myself of what we consider “everyday”, but for the guest coming to visit our amazingly beautiful office is a maybe once in a lifetime chance, so for me that is why we always have to go the extra mile, or what we call the “Tomo mile”.

Spring Time

Here at Tomo it has most definitely been the start of new life as the impalas are starting to lamb.
With it comes the promise of a new future, a new tomorrow and the lifeline of Africa… rain.

Just like these graceful little lambs, we await your first visit at Tomo and you will leave as family.

– Brendan